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Partner Institutions

SDG4BIZ Project Partner Institutions

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Metropolia is Finland’s largest University of Applied Sciences with 16 500 students and 1 000 staff members. It is one of the 23 universities of applied sciences in Finland administered by Ministry of Education and Culture. Metropolia educates professionals in the fields of Business, Culture, Engineering and Health Care and Social Services. In 2017, 2 670 students graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and 390 with a Master’s degree from 68 degree programmes. Almost 80 % of the graduates found work within one year after graduation. 57 programmes are taught in Finnish and 11 in English. In addition, Metropolia provides open University of Applied Sciences studies, summer courses and courses preparing immigrants for UAS.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Haaga-Helia is the second biggest university of applied sciences in Finland. Through education, research and development, Haaga-Helia prepares professionals in business and services offering students a versatile choice of studies, opportunities for specialization, high quality education in Finnish and English and wide business networks. The 10 000 students and 600 employees at Haaga-Helia base their activities on highly advanced national and international expertise.


The company brainplus has currently two fields of competences:
– The development and the finding of new ideas in the innovation process,
– Consultancy on the field of regional, national and international funding schemes

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (further as “STU”) is a modern educational and scientific institution. Since its foundation in 1937 more than 145.000 students have graduated. In an average, 17.000 students’ study at the STU every year. At present, the STU consists of seven faculties based in Bratislava and Trnava. All the faculties provide a study in accredited study programmes within the complex system of a bachelor, master and PhD. study. Faculties realise credit system compatible with the ECTS enabling mutual mobility of students within European Union.


itslearning is a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that connects people with passions, ideas, and most importantly, each other. The itslearning Learning Management System (LMS) solution allows universities to truly personalise learning by putting curriculum resources, instructional strategies, objective-based lesson plans and assessments, all in one easy-to-access central location. The platform provides countless ways for lecturers to create engaging lessons and resources, makes teacher collaboration and sharing of materials easy, and automates routine tasks so lecturers have more time to focus on their activities.

FENICE Green Energy Park

FENICE Green Energy Park is home to a Training Agency, Certified by Regione Veneto, for Continuing Education, born by the joint will of civil society and Zip Consortium with the aim to value one of the last green areas within the Padua territory. The Park itself is an embryonic example of a smart city in a very peculiar peri-urban environment, between the center of the town and the 1.400 firms in the Industrial District: Terranegra island. Managing the park from 2005, Fondazione Fenice Onlus main endeavour is to bring together landscape environmental tutelage and research for new technologies that will act on environmental emergencies and on future development scenarios.


Tknika is an agency for applied research and innovation and for the transfer of results of the RDI activity to all centres providing professional training in the Basque Country. Tknika, whose nature is to provide research and innovation services and support to the VET centres and to other organizations and companies, is organically attached to the Vice-Ministry of Vocational Education and Training, Department of Education, Linguistic Policy and Culture of the Basque Government.

Yasar University

Yasar University was established in Izmir, Turkey in 2001 with the mission of creating sustainable value through superior education and research and contributing to society by cultivating those innovative individuals who will shape the future. Yasar University has a clear vision for becoming a world-class university dedicated to designing and redefining the future.